Welcome to Robert and Patty's web page. We currently have examples of Robert's code and projects, and soon we'll be adding examples of Patty's art projects. We also have a new blog feature and photo album feature for others to view and enjoy. Other features have been left out, in favor of implementing them in future projects. If you have any questions please write Robert.

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BBC World News
Israel to 'destroy all Gaza tunnels'
Russian experts to visit MH17 site
S Leone declares Ebola emergency
Race to find India landslide missing
Argentina defaults for second time
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Tips on Blocking Shawls
Learn About Yap Crochet Lace
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Free Granny Square Patterns for You
Adorned in Crochet Jewelry
Burgers: All-Star Veggie Burger
Casseroles: Italian Meatball Sandwich Casserole
Pizza: Pear and Gorgonzola Cheese Pizza
Sandwiches and Wraps: Crispy Flautas
Savory Pies: Bierocks (German Meat Turnovers)
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